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Base64 Encode Tool User Manual


This tool encodes any given plain text into Base64 format and also supports decoding the encoded format back into the original text.

Main Features

  • Encode text information into Base64 format
  • Paste text directly for encoding
  • Clear the input and output text areas
  • Copy the encoded or decoded text with one click
  • Supports major operating systems and browsers like Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Usage Steps

  1. Paste or input the text to be encoded in the left text area
  2. Click the "Encode" button in the middle to encode the text
  3. The encoded Base64 text will be displayed in the right text area
  4. Click the "Sample" button on the top right to encode the sample text
  5. Use the "Decode" button below to decode Base64 text
  6. Click the "Clear" buttons to clear the input and output text areas
  7. Click the "Copy" buttons to copy encoded or decoded text

Introduction to Base64

Base64 is a way to represent binary data using 64 printable characters. By encoding 6 bits per character, the encoded data can be safely transferred over media like Email and HTTP.

See Base64 on Wikipedia


Plain text:




Let me know if you need any clarification on using the tool!

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