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Base64 Output

User Manual for WebP to Base64 Encoder


This tool allows you to convert WebP images into Base64 encoded strings for use in web applications.

Key Features

  • Encode WebP images to Base64 string
  • Max file size supported: 200MB
  • Encoding done locally, no upload needed
  • Output can be used in HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc


Follow these steps to encode a WebP image:

  1. Select Image - Click "Choose File" and pick a WebP image from your device.
  2. Encode Image - Once image is selected, click "Encode" button to encode it locally.
  3. Copy Output - The encoded Base64 string will be displayed in the result box. Click "Copy" to save it.
  4. Use Output - Paste the string in your web app code to display or transmit it.


  • Maximum file size supported is 200MB
  • Encoding may increase file size slightly
  • Ensure your app handles long Base64 strings
  • Always encode locally for security
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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