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What is Keccak-384 Hash?

Keccak-384 Hash is a cryptographic hash function that generates a fixed-size output (384-bit) for any given input data. It is a secure and reliable method to ensure the integrity and authenticity of digital data. Keccak-384 Hash is resistant to known attacks and has better performance and flexibility compared to older algorithms like SHA-1 or MD5. It is also designed to be quantum-resistant and is one of the recommended hash algorithms by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use in post-quantum cryptography.

Introduction to Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool

The Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool is an online and free tool that enables users to generate secure Keccak-384 hash values for their sensitive data. It is a user-friendly tool that requires no system or software dependencies, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The tool is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, and its local computing feature ensures maximum data security and privacy.

Benefits of Using Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool

Using the Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool offers several benefits, including:

  • Ensuring data security, integrity, and authenticity
  • Generating unique and irreversible hash values for input data
  • Protecting digital data from tampering or modification
  • Providing a fast and reliable way to verify the authenticity of digital data
  • Being accessible and free to use with no system or software dependencies

How to Use Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool

Using the Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool is a straightforward process that involves three simple steps:

  1. Input the string: In the "Data Input" section of the tool, input the string or data that you want to generate a hash value for.
  2. Click the Generate button: Once you have inputted your data, click the "Generate" button to generate the Keccak-384 hash value for your data.
  3. Copy or click the copy button: Once the hash value is generated, you can either copy the hash value by clicking the "Copy" button or manually copy it from the "Keccak-384 Hash Output" section of the tool.

Examples of Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool in Python, Java, JavaScript, and PHP

Python Example:

import hashlib

data = b"IToolkit" #data to be hashed

hash_value = hashlib.sha3_384(data).hexdigest()

print(hash_value) #output: b1d7ffec374e22b71b23cd264779b25e27eade10d5bc943fb69a045f04d8075a3a956914a958ec2cc0713d6ce1f30c6c

Java Example:

import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets;

public class Keccak384HashGenerator {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException {
        String data = "IToolkit"; //data to be hashed
        MessageDigest md = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA3-384"); //creating the message digest object
        byte[] hashInBytes = md.digest(data.getBytes(StandardCharsets.UTF_8)); //generating the hash value
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); //converting the byte array to hexadecimal format
        for (byte b : hashInBytes) {
            sb.append(String.format("%02x", b));
        System.out.println(sb.toString()); //output: b1d7ffec374e22b71b23cd264779b25e27eade10d5bc943fb69a045f04d8075a3a956914a958ec2cc0713d6ce1f30c6c

JavaScript Example:

const crypto = require("crypto");

const data = "IToolkit"; //data to be hashed
const hash = crypto.createHash("sha3-384"); //creating the hash object
hash.update(data); //feeding the data to the hash object
const hashValue = hash.digest("hex"); //generating the hash value

console.log(hashValue); //output: b1d7ffec374e22b71b23cd264779b25e27eade10d5bc943fb69a045f04d8075a3a956914a958ec2cc0713d6ce1f30c6c

PHP Example:

$data = 'IToolkit'; //data to be hashed
$hashValue = hash('sha3-384', $data); //generating the hash value

echo $hashValue; //output: b1d7ffec374e22b71b23cd264779b25e27eade10d5bc943fb69a045f04d8075a3a956914a958ec2cc0713d6ce1f30c6c


The Keccak-384 Hash Generator Tool is a user-friendly tool that provides a fast and reliable way to generate secure Keccak-384 hash values for your sensitive data. It is accessible and free to use, with no system or software dependencies. The tool's local computing feature ensures maximum data security and privacy, making it a secure and reliable option for generating hash values for your digital data.

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