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String to Path Case

The String to Path Case tool is a free and online tool that allows you to convert input strings to path case format. This tool is useful for web developers, software engineers, and anyone who needs to convert strings to path format for URLs or file paths.


  • Online and free, with no system or software dependencies
  • Can clear and copy the converted output
  • Provides sample input for testing
  • Data security, as the conversion is done locally on your computer

How to Use

  1. Input the string you want to convert in the input box provided.
  2. Click the "Convert" button to convert the string to path case format.
  3. The converted output will appear in the output box.
  4. You can copy the output to your clipboard by clicking the "Copy" button.

Example Codes


def string_to_path_case(input_str):
    return "/".join(input_str.lower().split())

input_str = "Free Online Tools"
path_case = string_to_path_case(input_str)
print(path_case) # outputs "free/online/tools"


public static String stringToPathCase(String inputStr) {
    String[] words = inputStr.toLowerCase().split(" ");
    return String.join("/", words);

String inputStr = "Free Online Tools";
String pathCase = stringToPathCase(inputStr);
System.out.println(pathCase); // outputs "free/online/tools"


function stringToPathCase(inputStr) {
  let words = inputStr.toLowerCase().split(" ");
  return words.join("/");

let inputStr = "Free Online Tools";
let pathCase = stringToPathCase(inputStr);
console.log(pathCase); // outputs "free/online/tools"


func stringToPathCase(inputStr string) string {
    words := strings.Split(strings.ToLower(inputStr), " ")
    return strings.Join(words, "/")

inputStr := "Free Online Tools"
pathCase := stringToPathCase(inputStr)
fmt.Println(pathCase) // outputs "free/online/tools"


def string_to_path_case(input_str)
    input_str.downcase.split(" ").join("/")

input_str = "Free Online Tools"
path_case = string_to_path_case(input_str)
puts path_case # outputs "free/online/tools"


function stringToPathCase($inputStr) {
    $words = explode(" ", strtolower($inputStr));
    return implode("/", $words);

$inputStr = "Free Online Tools";
$pathCase = stringToPathCase($inputStr);
echo $pathCase; // outputs "free/online/tools"


The String to Path Case tool is a simple and easy-to-use tool that quickly converts strings to path case format. With its online and free features, you can use this tool anywhere and anytime you need it. The provided example codes in various programming languages make it easy for developers to integrate it into their projects. Start using the String to Path Case tool today and simplify your string conversion tasks!

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