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RGB to HEX Converter Tool Manual

RGB and HEX are two different color models used in digital design. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue, while HEX refers to the hexadecimal representation of a color code. RGB to HEX conversion involves converting RGB color codes to HEX color codes, which are commonly used in web design. This manual will introduce an online tool that can convert RGB color codes to HEX color codes easily, quickly, and securely.

Tool Features

  • Online and free, no system or software dependencies required
  • Clear button to remove input and output values
  • Copy button to easily copy the output value
  • Sample button to provide a sample input value for testing
  • Data security ensured by local computing

How to Use the RGB to HEX Converter Tool


To use the RGB to HEX converter tool, simply input or paste your RGB color code in the text box provided. The format should be in the form of rgb(r, g, b), where r, g, and b are integers ranging from 0 to 255. For example, rgb(255, 213, 0).


Once your RGB color code is entered, click the "Convert" button to initiate the conversion process. The tool will then convert the RGB color code to an equivalent HEX color code, which is displayed in the output text box.


The HEX color code can be easily copied by clicking the "Copy" button next to the output text box. You can also clear the input and output values by clicking the "Clear" button. If you need a sample RGB color code for testing, simply click the "Sample" button to generate a random input value.

Core Algorithm

The core algorithm for converting RGB color codes to HEX color codes involves converting the RGB values to HEX values using a mathematical formula. The formula is as follows:

HEX = "#" + ((1 << 24) + (R << 16) + (G << 8) + B).toString(16).slice(1);

Where R, G, and B are the red, green, and blue values, respectively. The algorithm first shifts the red value by 16 bits, the green value by 8 bits, and then combines all three values into a single 24-bit value. The toString() method with a radix of 16 is then used to convert this value to a hexadecimal string, which is then combined with a # symbol to create the final HEX color code.


Here are some example codes in different programming languages to convert RGB color codes to HEX color codes:


def rgb_to_hex(rgb):
    r, g, b = map(int, rgb.split(","))
    return "#{:02x}{:02x}{:02x}".format(r, g, b)


#include <stdio.h>

void rgb_to_hex(int r, int g, int b, char hex[]) {
    sprintf(hex, "#%02x%02x%02x", r, g, b);


function rgbToHex(rgb) {
  const match = rgb.match(/rgb\s*\(\s*(\d+)\s*,\s*(\d+)\s*,\s*(\d+)\s*\)/i);
  const r = parseInt(match[1]).toString(16).padStart(2, "0");
  const g = parseInt(match[2]).toString(16).padStart(2, "0");
  const b = parseInt(match[3]).toString(16).padStart(2, "0");
  return `#${r}${g}${b}`;


public static String rgbToHex(String rgb) {
    String[] rgbValues = rgb.replaceAll("[^\\d,]", "").split(",");
    int r = Integer.parseInt(rgbValues[0].trim());
    int g = Integer.parseInt(rgbValues[1].trim());
    int b = Integer.parseInt(rgbValues[2].trim());
    return String.format("#%02x%02x%02x", r, g, b);


function rgbToHex($rgb) {
    list($r, $g, $b) = explode(",", $rgb);
    $r = dechex(trim($r));
    $g = dechex(trim($g));
    $b = dechex(trim($b));
    return "#" . str_pad($r, 2, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT) . str_pad($g, 2, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT) . str_pad($b, 2, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT);


Converting RGB color codes to HEX color codes is a necessary task for web designers and developers. The RGB to HEX converter tool introduced in this manual is a free, online, and secure tool that can convert RGB color codes to HEX color codes with ease. It is a valuable tool for anyone who works with digital design and needs to convert RGB color codes to HEX color codes.

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